Your Italian Experience with our family. Imbibe Italian culture. Feel at home.

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Italian Tour Your Italian experience

Where are we?

Located between Rome and Naples, we are one of the Most beautiful Hamlet in Italy. Immersed in greenery and surrounded by a landscape full of water.

Our village is located on top of a mountain, for this amazing position, the Hamlet is known as the balcony of Ciociaria, from our valley it is possible to see all the lands and small villages near us.

Come, look the mountains, discover our place and live with us this unbelievable scenario.

Italian Tour Your Italian experience

Life at our holiday house

Discover true Italian culture thanks to our desire to share the healthy, ancient traditions of our family.

Italian Tour Your Italian experience


We will meet at the airport and bring you to our “Locanda” where you will receive the warmest of  welcomes.

After your long journey you’ll certainly be hungry. You’ll have the opportunity to sample our tasty homemade mozzarellas, our ham, and our fresh homemade bread.

Go outside, relax and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Together we will explore the beauty of a medieval  town that won the renowned title: “The most beautiful hamlet in Italy”.

At sunset we will return to the “La Locanda” so that you can relax and enjoy our little Italian paradise.


Everyone always asks: “Why is Italian olive oil so exquisite?”

Walking through the groves, we will show you how, from the olive fruit, we make one of the best extra-virgin Italian olive oils.

We will bring you to the only olive oil mill in this area, which as won  some of the most respected Italian awards for the quality of its products. You will taste the olives, breathe their fragrance and thrill with their rich taste:  unique, traditional and authentic.

Your Italian Experience
Italian Tour Your Italian experience


Learn the secret of the homemade pasta like that made by our grandmothers

We have a fully equipped kitchen ready and waiting for you. Learn how to blend the eggs and flour, knead  the  dough just right, and all the secrets of making true homemade Italian pasta.

And we’ll be sure to enjoy some afterwards. You’ll be amazed by its flavor.  But it’s not over yet. Savor seasonal vegetables directly from our garden. Finish with a pastry-making class, a course indispensable at our tables.

When you return  home you can surprise your friends with authentic Italian recipes.


Here you can find the peace in nature that you always dreamed about

We will start with a hearty and healthy  breakfast to energize us for a hike along a mountain path.

We’ll learn about the life of a shepherd family.  We’ll observe the goats being milked, the transformation of the milk to cheese in the midst of a peaceful mountain atmosphere.

We’ll enjoy a meal on a day where  the main attraction will be the mountain landscape with its breathless panorama.

Italian Tour Your Italian experience


We’ll travel to a  wonderful seaside fishermen’s hamlet with one of the most beautiful beaches of central Italy.

Here you will be able to breathe the ocean air, enjoy the blue sea and walk along the beach until we reach an unbelievably well- kept Roman historical site, built by  Emperor Tiberius in 14 C.E.

Share in its more than 2.000 years history! 

Afterwards you’ll  taste fresh fish  directly from the sea! We’ll take you to a Michelin-starred restaurant where you can enjoy delicious fish brought there every morning from the sea. 


Hike inside the heart of the Earth.

We’ll hike through the woods where we’ll see incredibly beautiful flowers and other natural phenomena. The silence and the peacefulness of this journey will resonate with you long after the day ends.

We’ll explore caves, many of which are over one million years old. The colors you’ll see are reminiscent of a Botticelli painting. Sounds of nature and water dripping inside the caves will accompany you along the whole path of this fairytale-like place.

Your Italian Experience
Your Italian Experience


Enjoy a stunning wine-tasting and grape harvesting for one of the best quality italian wines.

We’ve shown you all the secrets of our grandmother’s kitchen and of Italian extra-virgin olive oil. Now it’s time for us to share with you our beautiful vineyards where we grow  the grapes of our high quality wine . 

If you come in October, you can experience the famous Italian grape crushing.

You’ll taste wine directly from our wine cellar. We’ll reveal to you the methods we use to transform our grapes into superior wines. You’ll also be a guest at an international award-winning vineyard— the “Cesanese del Piglio”. The  vineyard tour followed by lunch makes for an extraordinary day.

100% of our guests have been charmed and thrilled by this experience

The most beautiful experience that I've ever had...

I have travelled to many places around the world which can get a bit lonely and you begin to feel like a tourist. But not at "Il Ruspante." I felt so relaxed and healthy from all the great food and genuine care and love from the people there. I'm so grateful that we ventured out and found this place that we now call our second home.
Your Italian Experience
Elizabeth Dressel

Mariesa gives us 5 stars!

Mariesa fell in love with our views and our kitchen. We were happy to receive her message.

He was looking for his family ... but he found two of them!

We are very happy that he enjoyed our hospitality and our warmth. We welcome all our guests with great joy and affection.

"Everything was such a surprise!"

Patty comes with her husband Bill and they were both delighted deleted of ou experience.
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